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Pleiadian 5D



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Your teeth have never been this sparkling clean nor have you ever been this godly attractive...Beware!

Mouth magic bitch!

Instant deodorized fresh breath
Teeth remineralization, strengthen teeth
Whiten and brighten teeth. Remove stains. Coffee, tobacco. Wine, tea
Eliminate gum sensitivity   
Gum detox
Super smooth clean teeth
All natural ingredients
No flouride
No sodium lauryl sulfate 
Instant Extreme confidence and sexiness.

Add mouth magic powder to included jar and dip toothbrush into mouth magic powder once and brush teeth 2 to 3 min twice daily.

Want to make your own sexy detox toothpaste ?

1/4 teaspoon colloidal silver
2 teaspoons coconut oil 
1/2 teaspoon mouth magic powder 
Mix together, dip on brush and clean teeth for 2 to 3 min. Twice daily 

Godly sexy skin detox

Mouth magic also clears up skin issues.  Put a little bit of mouth magic in a bowl and add just a tad of colloidal Silver or filtered water, mix and apply to breakouts or use as a full facemask skin detox.  Leave on 20 min and wash off.  Mask can be left on spots overnight for fast clearing 

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All natural, high quality sexy ingredients 

calcium carbonate 
An essential mineral that strengthens teeth, whitens and brightens 

bentonite clay
Remineralizes, pulls out harmful bacteria, reduce/ prevent sensitivity, fight infections 

 sodium bicarbonate
Removes plaque, whitens , protects against decay.

Activated charcoal
encourages plaque, bacteria, and other particles to cling to it 

sea salt
Sea salt promotes saliva, creating an antibacterial barrier that neutralizes acids and protects enamel.

clove oil
Eugenol is the ingredient within clove oil, natural anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. The ancient Persians used this oil as a love potion. 

Myrrh oil
kills bacteria protecting oral health/ natural pain relief

Cinnamon oil
May help prevent cavities, treat gum disease, and fight fungal and bacterial infections.

peppermint oil
Kills bacteria, protects tooth enamel,
prevent swelling in connective tissues and reduces bleeding.

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